What is giving you energy and what is draining you?

Authentic Leadership

There is so much buzz around Authentic Leadership but what does it really mean and why does it matter? Authenticity is the healthy alignment between internal values and beliefs and external behaviours. We lose our alignment when we compromise our values and personality. When we say and do one thing, but we think and feel another. The […]

What are you committing to?

Top Goals list

What is often in the way of people creating the life they are dreaming about, is the lack of an inner personal #commitment. I notice it sometimes with myself and with some of my clients. If I say I am committed to writing a book, but my actions speak otherwise, there are legitimate distractions that come […]

Less is More

Less is more

Less is More February is the shortest month of the year.  And so, I am committing to Less is More and giving more Nos this year!   For anyone who knows me, this is an almost impossible task. As an eternal optimist, I see everything as an opportunity. And following Richard Branson’s advice, I say Yes […]

Work hard, play hard, and be kind

playing billiard

I looked up the definition of workaholic today. It’s very simple. A workaholic is a person who works compulsively at the expense of other pursuits.  Those other pursuits are often: health, family, relationships, love and of course… the pursuit of happiness itself. In my work as a coach to corporate high achievers I’ve helped many […]

Slowing down to speed up

Female leader

When was the last time you had nothing on your mind?  I never used to. I always had something on my mind. Until recently, on a coaching retreat, when I intentionally created space both physically and mentally. I totally emptied my cup.  When you are a high performer, it can feel uncomfortable to have nothing on your […]

The Eagle Spirit – fearlessly choosing Love


Today is my daughter’s 14th birthday. A time of celebration, pride, gratitude, and love. And exactly 4 years since I wrote my first ever blog on Trust and Love. Still remember how terrified I was… I rarely mention my daughter. My son is usually the main character in my stories. And my first blog was […]