What is often in the way of people creating the life they are dreaming about, is the lack of an inner personal #commitment. I notice it sometimes with myself and with some of my clients. If I say I am committed to writing a book, but my actions speak otherwise, there are legitimate distractions that come in a way, I am not truly committed. If a client says they are committed to their personal growth, but they have not invested in themselves or are not consistent in creating space for themselves, they are not truly committed. There is a dissonance between the reality of actions and a fantasy of a commitment. 

One of the most committed businesspeople on the planet is Warren Buffet. He has always been truly committed to inner success—to being true to himself and following his own inner code—and through that he achieved extraordinary outer #success. Inner and outer success do not have to compete with each other. 

I love the story about Warren Buffett sharing some goal-setting advice with his private pilot. First, Mr. Buffett told his pilot to write out a list of 25 things he wanted to accomplish over the next year. 

Then he told him to circle the five most important goals on the list. The pilot spent some time deliberating and finally circled his top five. 

Mr. Buffett then asked, “Are you sure these are the absolute highest priority for you?” And the pilot said yes. So Mr. Buffett helped his pilot formulate a plan for how he was going to achieve these top five goals. Mr. Buffett’s advice up to this point was fairly straightforward. In fact, you might get similar advice from just about any goal-setting expert. But here is where it got interesting. 

Mr. Buffett asked the pilot what he was going to do with the other 20 items on his list — the 20 things he had not circled. The pilot said he would work on them a little bit here and there, trying to fit them in as he could. 

“No, you can’t do that,” Mr. Buffett said. “Everything you didn’t circle is now your avoid-at-all-costs list. You cannot give any attention to them until you’ve successfully completed your top five.” 

You can only be truly committed when you created your “avoid-at-all-costs” list as well.  

Here is a plan for you to reflect and create your inner commitment:  

1. Become clear on what is truly aligned for you to get committed to. Not because, your partner wants you to or it makes your children happy, or your boss satisfied. What is it that is so important to you? Something that really resonates with your heart and excites your mind? 

2. Then imagine who you are BEING, when you achieved that goal? What is that person like? How do they communicate with their family, with their colleagues, with their friends, with a stranger? How do they structure their day?

3. What is that person’s “Avoid-at-all-costs” list?  

4. Now when you got “a bird’s eye view” through connecting with who you are BEING once you achieved your goal, it is important to connect with what you can control in each moment and take one step at a time.   

For example, several years ago, I became committed to being the most impactful coach I can be. That is my macro level goal.

To achieve it I choose to be fully present to create powerful space for my clients and to connect with my intuition to support myself and my clients on their journeys.

On a micro level, I realised that I have been using little addictions like sugar, alcohol and coffee which were taking me away from being completely present to my experiences.

I decided that Tatiana as the most impactful coach always chooses to be fully present. So, on the micro level 20 months ago I choose to quit sugar, alcohol and coffee, and do my special alignment exercises to keep my mind, body, and emotions aligned daily, to be at choice in every decision. Not easy but also hardly a life or death situation… but I realized that I only need to focus on making a choice in each moment and living free of little addictions that were my escape. This is now aligned with my vision of being the most impactful coach.  

What Inner Personal Commitment would you like to create? 

Lots of love, Tatiana x