Do you love yourself?

I mean – really love yourself. Not merely being proud of your achievements; or being able to look well after yourself; or see that you get ahead and get your share of the cake. If you are a high performing leader, chances are that self love is not your greatest strength. You have arrived at […]

Do you lead with Forgiveness?

Most people think that forgiveness is an act of weakness, but what’s really true is that it takes an immense amount of strength to forgive.   Why is forgiving so hard for us? Because we are slow to accept our own failures, setbacks, and disappointments with courage and grace.  Forgiveness is one of the 24-character strengths in […]

The power of appreciation

Last fall, for two and a half months, my husband was working far away from home. He took on a job as expedition guide on an adventure cruise ship which was navigating from the Great Lakes of North America, down the Pacific to the southern tip of Argentina. From there he was on several expeditions […]

Acting from place of peace

Recently I was coaching a client who just accepted a new high level leadership position.   She noted that after she resigned from her current role, her interactions with her current boss during couple remaining weeks in her existing position, became much easier, she was able to communicate what she wanted to change in the organization […]

Saying NO for a BIGGER YES

Where in your life have you said NO to opportunities that would have brought you comfort or status, but that were not in line with your purpose ? And … what was your BIGGER YES that came out of this NO?   My first NO for a BIGGER YES was when I worked as young project manager in […]

Saying YES before you are ready

Nasa mission to the moon

There are many times in life when saying “Yes” feels audacious.  Throughout the course of my life, I have noticed a fascinating correlation between those who say “Yes” to opportunities when they are not yet ready and growing and expanding in unexpected ways. And as with any audacious things in life, the ability to say yes can […]