Today is my daughter’s 14th birthday. A time of celebration, pride, gratitude, and love. And exactly 4 years since I wrote my first ever blog on Trust and Love. Still remember how terrified I was…

I rarely mention my daughter. My son is usually the main character in my stories. And my first blog was no exception. My children have been my greatest teachers in this extra-ordinary journey called life.  And so, I am dedicating this blog to you Carly, to read it when you are “full” and down.

Extra-ordinary things require that little extra.  And any extras, come with moments of over-flowing and overwhelm.  I am no stranger to overwhelm. In fact, I have become an expert. 

If you are like me, chasing some of your impossible dreams, you’ve probably had moments where your cup felt so overflowing with things “to do” that you didn’t know what “to do”. And when you’ve got no space or time to think straight, everything becomes important… which means nothing is. 

When your cup is overflowing, you need to empty it and start again.  Or bring a much larger empty bowl and learn new tools, new practices and new perspectives in order to fill it.  Expand into a larger cup.  Otherwise, you remain stuck and overwhelmed with your little overflowing cup and never fill the space beyond it.

I have learned that feeling overwhelmed is a high-quality problem. It means you are being invited to raise your awareness to a broader perspective and see your life from a higher viewpoint.   It means that soon enough this larger empty bowl could be filling up with new ways of being and operating.  It means that you are being invited to experience a new level of ease, grace and vitality you never could have attained from your little cup. It’s called growing and expanding. 

At 14, I got my first identity card. It was confirmation of my transition into adulthood. Birds raise their babies and teach them to fly, with the purpose of letting them go and never see them again. As parents, we find it difficult to let go. I know I do. 

I realized that you, my wonderful daughter, are ready to fly. I raised you to be ready for an extra-ordinary journey of ups and downs ahead. 

The last 4 years, since that first blog, we have been on an extra-ordinary journey of growth, expansion, ups and downs and enormous perspective shifts for which I am truly grateful.  It’s been said that we become the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. To keep stretching and expanding, I surrounded myself with people who inspire and scare me a little. I hope you will do too! 

At our first 4PC reunion of 2021, my community of extra-ordinary coaches and leaders, we all received a card with an individual message. And as always, there was no coincidence. Everyone got the message that they needed to hear!  

Mine was Eagle Spirit.  Soaring high to see deep within. Seeing some truths from a higher vantage point to bring perspective and clarity. 

The message was very clear. Spend time on the important things you love. Keep your focus on the big picture. By taking care of the things that matter the most to you, everything else will take care of itself.  

The Eagle Spirit is supposed to guide your way. When you are uncertain which way to go, fearlessly choose the direction of love. 

Keep flying fearlessly, my dear daughter!

With lots of love to you Carly and all our amazing family, friends and wonderful communities. 

ADA, March 2021