A few days ago, my colleague Tatiana started our strategy meeting by offering us to pull a Tarot Card. Mine was 3 of Water. In Tatiana’s deck, this card is all about celebrations! 

As I was reflecting on the cards’ message, I thought to myself “what is there to celebrate today? Or even this week?” Nothing big was really happening at the moment.  

Right then I heard my Inner Voice saying “Exactly. Nothing Big!”. In that instant it all made sense. 

I don’t need BIG events to start celebrating. Life is a big enough reason to celebrate.   

At that very moment I started to increase awareness of the small things in life I wanted to celebrate. The smiles on my children’s faces while jumping in the trampoline. The mesmerizing smells of the cherry tree blossom which succeeded in coming to life after a very capricious winter. The spotlessly blue sky. The joyous chirping of the birds saluting the sun. The warm spring wind ruffling my hair. The gurgling sound of the river waters, swirling, swollen by the rains. The taste of the sweet apple I was biting into.  

I could see, hear, touch, smell, taste and connect with the energy of it all. Only one moment of full presence and there was so much to celebrate already! My heart filled up with joy and a general feeling of happiness descended. The overwhelming feeling of Oneness brought tears of joy to my eyes.  

In that moment I thought of my dear friends and family members and felt connected with their celebrations. Exams were taken, awards were due, theater casting was happening, glasses were raised at a birthday party, fear of flight was conquered, a grandson was born, first communion was celebrated. LIFE was in full swing!   

Being ALIVE is a big enough reason to celebrate!  

We are all connected with nature and with each other. One person’s celebration is everyone’s celebration. When we learn to stop, to look around and connect with Oneness, we can experience life at its fullness, we can be in harmony with the Universe.  

We are so used to running blindfolded on the treadmill of life. To feel exhausted and drained of energy. We want joy, happiness and connection yet we forget to stop and take it in. It’s all here for us to celebrate, every single day of our lives. All we need is to experience Oneness in a moment of full awareness, presence and groundedness. We need to stop running and believe we actually arrived! It’s all within. At all times. Everywhere. And forever.  

So, take a moment today to celebrate your life and the one of your community! Allow yourself a moment to slow down and celebrate YOU! Take a moment to celebrate being ALIVE! 

We, at Adaptaa are also celebrating! 

In 3 days, we will be celebrating the start of our 3rd Audacious Leaders Retreatin Transylvania! And we will be using the theme of Nature Elements to guide our participants through their transformation process. Water is the element we chose for our final day, the celebration day. The Tarot Card I picked was 3 of Water. Coincidence or synchronicity? I let you decide.  

We look forward to celebrating with many of you in Transylvania and for the rest of you, know that even if you are not present with us this year, we hold you dearly in our hearts!
We celebrate together in Oneness! 

Lots of love

Carmen xxx