Welcome to the last newsletter of the year, delving into the audacious experiences of 2023 and drawing valuable lessons from them. At the start of the year, a prediction of adventure and challenge was made by my coach, and indeed, it has come to pass. And through this journey, I’ve gathered profound insights that I’m excited to share with you. 

Lesson #1: Take time to meditate

The year kicked off with a meditation challenge led by Carmen at the end of January, introducing our Adaptaa community to the power of meditation. This practice has since become a cherished source of strength and clarity for me.

Lesson #2: Take time to travel to new adventurous places

In February, I embarked on a journey to Curacao with my 4PC community, an island I never knew existed. The experience was invigorating, igniting a newfound energy that fuelled the rest of the year. Surrounding myself with the inspirational 4PC community has elevated me to unimaginable heights.

Lesson #3: Take time to work

March was an active month, bustling with the commencement of new leadership programmes, engaging in person with participants from our Artemis Programme in London, and working closely with our Inspiring Women, team coaching, and 1-2-1 clients. It became evident that hard work is the price of success.

Lesson #4: Take time to play

April unfolded as a month of leisurely travels across Europe, marking a significant birthday with joyous celebrations. Embracing the wisdom that life is too serious to be taken seriously, I revelled in the notion that playing hard enables one to work hard.

Lesson #5: Take time to connect and laugh

May graced us with the Audacious Leaders Retreat in Transylvania. It was a time of both learning and teaching, setting intentions, sowing seeds, and creating space for remarkable growth. As the community celebrated its successes, the deep connections and laughter resonated as the soul’s music.

Lesson #6: Take risks

June brought about a daring decision as my son embarked on a solo journey to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. Allowing him to undertake this feat seemed audacious, even irresponsible at times. Yet, his experience has proven to be a remarkable success story, fostering substantial growth for both him and me.

Lesson #7: Trust the process

In July, Singapore became the destination for a leadership workshop with one of our esteemed clients. They extended their trust by flying me from London for two days to facilitate under the theme of “doing good”. It was an honour to contribute in a small way to their impactful endeavours, reaffirming my belief that nothing is ever a coincidence.

Lesson #8: Take time to make new friends. Choose your tribe.

During August, a visit to Italy reunited me with my 4PC community in Lake Como. The resounding insight gained was the immeasurable power of community and the transformative energy that emanates from individuals passionately dedicated to changing the world. Surrounding myself with such a tribe has been truly infectious, uplifting and impactful, reminding me that we become the average of the five people we spend most time with.

Lesson #9: Take time to celebrate

September marked the joyous occasion of celebrating 7 years of Adaptaa. It was a time of connection, reuniting with old friends, engaging with new clients, and giving back to the community by extending support to Amaya for Africa. The spirit of celebration proved to be the key to fostering audacious confidence.

Lesson #10: Take time to do good

In October, my daughter and I embarked on a transformative journey to Ghana for a social impact trip. Engaging in small acts of kindness, we realized the profound essence of living simply and being content. It was a life-changing adventure that underscored the significance of giving back and highlighted the minimal requirements for genuine happiness.

Lesson #11: Take time to read

November brought the delightful news that my book, “The Audacity Spectrum,” became available for pre-order on Amazon (order here).  This accomplishment marks a culmination of dedication, perseverance, and an unwavering belief in a mission greater than oneself. As the book is set for release into the world on 22 August 2024, it stands as a testament to the old saying that “a good writer must be first a good reader.” 

Lesson #12: Take time to forgive

December marked the completion of a long and painful 12-year journey with the finalization of one of my biggest personal challenges so far. This chapter has epitomized patience, resilience, tenacity, and an unyielding faith in the transformative power of freedom. As one door closes, another opens, and I embrace the new beginnings that await on the road to happiness.

As we bid farewell to 2023, a year defined by adventure and challenge, I find myself having traversed uncharted territories, pushing beyond my comfort zone to exemplify audacity. It has been a year of profound growth, culminating in the fulfilment of a 12-year cycle.

With huge gratitude to my team and our wonderful clients, I extend my warmest wishes to you for a joyous Christmas and an exceptional New Year. Here’s to embracing the forthcoming 12 months and 12 years with boundless anticipation and a commitment to continued growth.