Do you trust yourself?

When I speak to successful entrepreneurs who went through ups and downs to build their businesses, I hear one thing in common regarding lessons they learned from their journeys. One important lesson is to trust their intuition and themselves and follow their passion.

Commitment to Self – Embracing Courage, Care and Non-conformity in 2024

In an era saturated with fleeting trends and information overload, committing to personal growth stands as a defiant act of self-empowerment. As I delved deep into the wisdom of Tibetan sayings, one struck a chord: “Don’t regret the time and money spent on understanding the world.”It resonated with my resolve to perpetually self-invest, a commitment I embraced wholeheartedly as I embarked on the year 2024.

7 Years. 7 Audacious Lessons.

Last month I celebrated 7 years of Adaptaa in business.  Time flies when you’re making an impact! When I founded the company, I gave myself 2 years to make it. And if not, I was going to return to trading and investing other people’s money.  I’m delighted I never had to consider Plan B. Throughout […]

Achieving effortlessly – the challenge of turning effort into ease

As a lifelong workaholic, a trait that has driven me to become successful in banking and coaching, but at no small personal cost, my aspiration now is to do less, effortlessly. If Malcolm Gladwell was right about the ’10,000 hours’ theory of expertise he put forward in his 2008 book Outliers [arguing that “Practice isn’t […]

When the most audacious question is a ‘stupid’ question

What stops people from asking the most audacious and important questions is often a fear of seeming stupid.But one of the best business lessons I ever received came from a mentor I had during my banking career.He said to me “If you cannot explain an investment in the language that a 7-year-old child would understand, […]

A perfect time to celebrate

A few days ago, my colleague Tatiana started our strategy meeting by offering us to pull a Tarot Card. Mine was 3 of Water. In Tatiana’s deck, this card is all about celebrations!  As I was reflecting on the cards’ message, I thought to myself “what is there to celebrate today? Or even this week?” […]