Do you trust yourself?

When I speak to successful entrepreneurs who went through ups and downs to build their businesses, I hear one thing in common regarding lessons they learned from their journeys. One important lesson is to trust their intuition and themselves and follow their passion.

The Happiness Equation

Is happiness a choice?  Is it predictable?  It would seem so, in the view of happiness expert, Mo Gawdat, author of “Solve for Happy”. In fact, he has a Happiness Equation. His experience with losing his son in a tragic event, distilled a complex truth into a simple realization: the journey to happiness or unhappiness is seldom straightforward. He argues that happiness isn’t about external events but our reactions to them. For example, rain can cause happiness or unhappiness depending on our desires in that moment — when you want to water plants, rain makes you happy. If you want to sunbathe, it’s got the opposite effect.

Commitment to Self – Embracing Courage, Care and Non-conformity in 2024

In an era saturated with fleeting trends and information overload, committing to personal growth stands as a defiant act of self-empowerment. As I delved deep into the wisdom of Tibetan sayings, one struck a chord: “Don’t regret the time and money spent on understanding the world.”It resonated with my resolve to perpetually self-invest, a commitment I embraced wholeheartedly as I embarked on the year 2024.

Journey of Audacity: Embracing Adventure and Challenge 

Welcome to the last newsletter of the year, delving into the audacious experiences of 2023 and drawing valuable lessons from them. At the start of the year, a prediction of adventure and challenge was made by my coach, and indeed, it has come to pass. And through this journey, I’ve gathered profound insights that I’m excited to share with you

Let it Flow – Seven Lessons from one week in Ghana

Last month I had the privilege of travelling to Ghana with my daughter Carly. We spent an unforgettable week working alongside @Genevieve and her remarkable social impact platform, @Elev-Eight, exploring various community projects.  It was a life-changing experience. Here are some lessons I learned.  One for each day.