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A little extra ... The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra. In the past our retreats were offered exclusively to women, however since 2020 we have been looking for Audacious men and women open to being challenged to think big and learn differently.

When you register for our Coaching Retreats, you are signing up for turning an impossible dream into a possible plan. When you play a big game, it feels good to know that you are not alone.

For further information about the retreats please visit the Extra Mile Retreat's website.


Audacious Leaders Retreat

Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May 2022, Transylvania, Transylvanian Inn.

Three day residential leadership retreats designed for leaders open to being challenged to think and learn differently and stretch themselves to the next level of their inclusive leadership journey. 

Open to leaders with open minds and big hearts and who think big and unconventionally.

Join us to learn how to dare to lead through unconventional thinking, translate your vision into action and share with a community of diverse and extra-ordinary people.

In ancient stories, the bear symbolized courage, strength and leadership. The fearless bears at the Liberty Bear Sanctuary will teach us commitment, resilience and how to stand tall against Adversity.

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"I've been blown away by the women that came along to the retreat. Challenging and kind women I feel lucky to have met." Jen

"The retreat has been far beyond my expectations and I feel as if I can start my life all over again!" Marzia

"Thank you for such a wonderful, insightful and authentic programme." Kat

"Thank you for facilitating such an enjoyable, inspirational and informative event. Your exceptional skills were reflected in the extraordinary group of women you brought together at the event!."

Margot,  Design Director, Chelsea Mclaine


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